Developments in ocean freight / rail freight in September

In recent weeks, the resumption of global trading activities has led to strong demand for shipping space, particularly in maritime transport from Asia to Europe.
The shipping companies' capacities are currently not sufficient to handle the upcoming volumes in a timely manner. The difficulties are compounded by full ships, rollover risks and the lack of empty equipment.
We ask you to encourage your suppliers to place bookings as quickly as possible.
The earlier the booking is made, the better the chances of obtaining shipping space.
Shipowners will charge a PSS of USD 150/300/300 (20' / 40' / 40'HC) from 1 September 2020 and will also increase freight rates on 1 September.
We are currently still negotiating the final details with the shipowners. However, it should be said that space will be more of an issue in the coming weeks
than the prices to be paid.
We will send you the new instalments for September at the beginning of next week.

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Your Dörrenhaus team