Glossar Air freight import process

When it comes to transporting or importing different goods via Air Freight , various complicated procedures must be adhered to, which can quickly become an almost insurmountable hurdle for the uninformed. In addition to the industry-related freight language and abbreviations, which are complicated for laypersons, there are also often problems with understanding Warehousing and Storage . As well as Customs clearance which can quickly become a problem. We will inform you about the individual processes involved in importing air freight.

Air freight import costs

Before the actual import of the goods is carried out, a cost calculation for the transport and any collection costs is compiled, followed by a binding offer, which includes all processes from collection to delivery in Germany.

Pick up shipment abroad

The collection of goods abroad is organised by one of our long-standing partners. Furthermore, the export-Customs clearance are taken care of and the flight details are requested in detail. The so-called AWB creation and the pre-notification (pre-alert) are also part of the processes, which are still carried out abroad.

Arrival in Germany

Once the goods have arrived at the airport in Germany, the documentation is taken over and the goods are unloaded.

Customs clearance

The Customs clearance is a very important component and should therefore only be carried out by a specialised contact person. The area of special customs traffic includes the release for free circulation as well as the handling of returned goods. The creation of the IP certificate, i.e. Active refinementas well as the VO certificate, the temporary admission certificate, are also part of customs clearance.

Picking and delivery

Upon arrival and customs clearance, the goods are commissioned further. For instance, depending on the goods, they are further packed or transferred to pallets. The goods are then, of course, transported and delivered. A distinction is made between groupage freight, special transport (same day), refrigerated transport and hazardous goods transport. How the goods are supposed to be transported is of course discussed and determined in detail in advance.